Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FLASH5 "flash"-type technology 18 (9)

11 Type: Concerted Okawa - output RA, GIF, AVI or MOV format tips

FLASH5 added to the output of the Realplayer file format and full support for their works in online publishing, from the addition of a choice, really amazing. Some enthusiasts like to use FLASH create GIF animations, or other use, be converted to AVI or MOV format. But sometimes found that many animation information is lost for no reason, reason, FLASH animation, application of the Movie clip. Say this is not a precise technique, but often confused a number of beginners. Fundamental solution to one of the animation do not use Movie clip. Of course, you also do not expect to generate a GIF, AVI or MOV SWF file animations to support the interaction of the.
I often use FLASH AVI format for the disc plane animation, sounds a bit ridiculous, but very effective. Because there is no file size of the control, arbitrary use of frame by frame animation, you can use the best quality output animation. Output avi format, attention that comes with windows to use compression (such as Microsoft Video1, etc.).

12 Type: Kanglongyouhui - bitmap and vector of a simplified vector

Vector capacity is small, amplification, without distortion, the application of the FLASH has unparalleled advantages. There are many software can convert bitmap vector, but in fact FLASH4 have provided to convert bitmap bit vector approach is simple and effective. Press Ctr + R be converted into a bitmap, select the menu Modify-Trace Bitmap.
In the popup dialog box, set the Minimum Area Color and the more low, add the latter two the more closely located, the more corners (that is, the more partial pull-down menu in front of the option), get the graphic files will be larger conversion from the more detailed the picture.

Complex vector for the node can be broken up first bitmap (Ctr + B), and then press Ctr + Alt + Shift + C keys to optimize the image can be greatly reduced capacity. Figure:

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