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GPS vehicle location detection system

Global Positioning System GPS is the abbreviation in English, which means Global Positioning System. Global Positioning System navigation satellite test the use of time and distance, so that the user anywhere on earth, can calculate the position they find themselves.
Car of the GPS receivers receive satellite positioning data sent per second, and in accordance with the above from three different satellites to calculate their own data the coordinates of geographical location.
GPS system components Part-GPS satellite constellation space;
Ground control section - the ground control system;
Part-GPS user equipment signals receivers.
Application of mature technologies GPS global satellite positioning system technology
Computer Network Technology
Wireless communication technology
Data storage, data retrieval and data warehouse technology
Geographic Information Technology (GIS)
Call Center
Vehicle control

System components
System is mainly involved vehicles, control centers, SMS short message center of three parts
Car machines (car unit)

System composition as shown below

Control Center
The control center by the call center system, the total control center systems, Internet services, systems management system, geographic information systems, data analysis system and other components. Including the GPS satellite positioning technology, wireless communication technology, digital transmission technology, adaptive technology, encryption, remote control technology, computer network technology. Geographical information system (GIS), digital maps, communication software, management software, control software and other software, the organic co-ordination of integration as an accurate, real-time, secure, reliable information processing systems.

Control center responsible for controlling the operation of the wireless communication network, receiving information transmitted from mobile unit and the information sent to the monitoring platform; monitoring platform is mainly based on the electronic map to monitor and control the operating platform, have a very convenient information database and powerful electronic map operation functions.

Hardware devices including: network equipment, storage devices, computing devices, display devices, lighting and sound equipment, digital and voice communications equipment and other components.
Software includes: operating system software, database software, communications software, application software, etc..
Management: including monitoring staff on duty, foreman, public information dissemination staff, maintenance personnel.

SMS Short Message Center
Short Message Center is used for wireless communication to send and receive text messages in the system, because our system uses GSM, SMS short message transmission, in order to speed up our data transfer speed, we need to build your own short message center or in the telecommunications sector the establishment of a dedicated messaging system to improve the whole system as priority, to ensure timely and reliable data, reduced data transmission time delay.

GPS Vehicle Location and composition of anti-theft system
Car GPS anti-theft unit n control center (management platform, short message center)

Main features:
GPS positioning, alarm and monitoring and dispatching functions
Car anti-theft Anti-hijacking function
High degree of integration of two functions
Car GPS security modules
GPS receiver module
Vehicle anti-theft module
Data Communication Module

System interactions

Control Center software main interface diagram

Wireless communication is the vehicle control unit and contact the media, which can achieve data and voice transmission.
In order to save communication costs can also use the GSM, GPRS, CDPD, CDMA digital short message (SMS) channel

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

LINQ subquery and delay the implementation of programming examples

Many friends and delay the implementation of LINQ subquery usage is not very clear, the following will give you an example to show the relevant LINQ subquery usage.

LINQ subquery

LINQ subquery is a query that contains another query Lambda expressions. The following example uses a LINQ query against the basketball star son's last name sort:

string [] players = ("Tim Ducan", "Lebrom James", "Kobe Byrant");
IEnumerable q = players.OrderBy (m => m.Split (). Last ()); In this one, Last is a LINQ sub query, q represents an external inquiry.

Sub-query in LINQ, Lambda expressions you can use any possible right of expression of C # syntax. LINQ subquery is a simple C # expression, which means that all applicable rules in LINQ sub query expression can be derived to Lambda ceremony.

The following query to get a character array of length equal to all meet the minimum length of the character sequence:

string [] names = ("James", "Jack", "Landy", "C.Y", "Jay");
IEnumerable q = names
. Where (n => n.Length ==
names.OrderBy (n2 => n2.Length)
. Select (n2 => n2.Length). First ()
foreach (var s in q)
Console.WriteLine (s); / / C.Y, Jay
) Sub for LINQ queries, can refer to the Lambda parameters or external iteration variables (in the compound query). Such as the above example, if the expression used to OrderBy (n => n.Length) rather than n2 will be used if an error message:

IEnumerable q =
from n in names
where n.Length ==
(From n2 in names
orderby n2.Length
select n2.Length). First ()
select n; for this example, we can see the corresponding complex queries written:

IEnumerable q =
from n in names
where n.Length ==
names.OrderBy (n2 => n2.Length). First (). Length
select n; external iteration variables n in the context of LINQ subquery is visible, we can not reuse it as the LINQ subquery within the iteration variable.

LINQ subquery will be executed corresponding to the time of Lambda expressions to implement, their implementation depends on the outer query, it can be said from the outside to inside to deal with. Local inquiries in full compliance with this model, but interpreted query (such as LINQ to SQL) is just a concept to follow it.

Inquiries before we can use a more concise wording:

IEnumerable q =
from n in names
where n.Length == names.Min (n2 => n2.Length)
select n; If you use the Min aggregate functions can be further simplified:

IEnumerable q = from n in names where n.Length == names.Min (n2 => n2.Length) select n;

In fact, as n2.Length loop when the external query recalculated every time, which in some cases may lead to efficiency, to avoid this problem, we can separate the LINQ subquery:

int len = names.Min (n => n.Length);

IEnumerable query = from n in names
where n.Length == len
select n; sub-query and delay the implementation of

Sub-query in LINQ to return a single element or aggregate class of operators, such as first or Count, and not the immediate implementation of mandatory external inquiry, also said an external inquiry still has the capacity of the delay. This is because LINQ sub query is being indirectly call - if the local inquiry, is through a proxy (delegate), if the contact was through the interpretative expression tree (expression tree).

An interesting phenomenon is that when your LINQ sub query that contains a Select expression, if one is a local query, you are actually their divergence into a sequence of queries - and each one has its ability to delay implementation. That the effect transparent, because it can significantly improve efficiency.

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General manager is not alone a hero

Brilliant performance brought distress

Mr. Wright is a very successful farmers for the entrepreneurs. Overseas company he created 20 years ago by 2,000 Yuan, and become the first batch of reform and opening up a car parts manufacturer, in 2002 the output value and total assets in excess of 100 million yuan. He concluded that to today, his business gone through three stages of development. Initially, he was a man not only the Lord has the outside, what a person by his pipe. Later, business development, and to support the development of his family members to participate in the tomb of Fu anchor firm foundation 5 顐?Yan Xu Yi Gui pull 顑?message after which Amaranthus trembling slightly spacious armed alfalfa 顑?闅?Xing Yi Gui little coin test tour roundworm complain Fu Xi mound to find di 鈷?sodium enterprises lazy groove playing 顑?顛?顎?R flea pod Xu Yi Yi shrink from Amaranthus brew approach of taking strike Shu Huan River Bank Na 9唯 scorpion playing 顑?顎?Wang 顚?U shrimp Macrobrachium Dang admonished the industry shortage of Amaranthus playing 顑?Huang Jie Wang 顙?cochlear Wang S Worm? 0 to age, who studied mechanical engineering. There in the state-owned enterprises and foreign enterprises as middle-level leadership positions in work experience. According to people who are familiar with Mr. Yu, he is very capable, can quickly grasp the nature of the matter and propose solutions. He is very confident, on any view of things has its own unique and very eloquent, and of what can come out of a round after round. He was very decisive and subordinates Yueyibuer. Mr. Wright Mr. Ren Mingyou as general manager, responsible for daily operations within the company; its chairman, director of market development and customer relations. Mr. Yu later as general manager, with his resolute and skilful, and soon the incompetent members of the family away from management positions, proper arrangements for the management of the company to a new level.

Overseas companies located in more remote towns, the local shortage of human resources. In addition to local economic development, many enterprises lack of personnel issues become more prominent. To support the work of Mr. Yu, Tsang Trustee enlist only one around. However, these people do not stay in there long. Good performance in other local people, where are reflected in the poor, Mr. Yu, the same people go after leaving Dahua Company to other companies, new companies are well received. Therefore, 5 years later, there was a United Overseas companies fault, the above is the general manager, following the grass-roots workers, no middle management. Internal operational problems, technical issues, quality issues resolved personally by Mr. Yu. The result is a long-term do not increase product quality, the quality of repeated warnings by the customer, quality system exists in name only.

Customers, suppliers and many friends who are familiar with the situation that Mr. Wright, general manager should be replaced. But he did not think so. In his view, Mr. Yu is the potential energy of people, business is not the current situation because of his ability, but lack of talent in society. Therefore, Dahua company's current management issues in the current social environment there is no solution to the problems. In order for the company off the hook, Mr. Wright stepped up public relations efforts, enterprise customers want the same good relations with the staff to shut their mouths, thereby reducing customer complaints.

Clearly, Mr. Wright entered a misunderstanding. So, what is it for Mr. Wright walked into the wrong area then? How can we help him correct the errors, so that his business out of the current situation?

Success Xiao He, Xiao He also lost

Mr. Wright is a very capable person. With his personal capacity, austerity and hard work, he succeeded. Thus, in his mind of such a belief is formed: as long as the company found a capable person can do a good job (we control this concept is called "hotshots mill plans"). Mr. Wright's public relations is particularly high, relying on his ability to research, market development, he gained great success. In this way, he again another belief: as long as the money spent to good relations with the staff, then all things are easy to handle, the quality can be almost no problem (we control this concept called "universal relationship map" ). Over the years, this two guided the behavior of Mr. Wright's business.

When the company's business development to his personal possession, but come, "capable mill map" should be to find capable people to tell him to help him control. He not only managed to go around looking for a capable, but also went around looking for technical genius. However, the "genius factory system map" when the company is small, is useful: the micromanager could come from a capable buttoned up and done very beautiful. However, when the company developed to a certain scale, the "genius factory system map" was not useful. The reason is simple, personal time and energy is limited, not enough of a capable, need a lot of capable people. However, without proper organization and leadership, may appear more than capable with internal friction.

"Homo habilis mill plan" a major misunderstanding is to Homo habilis, managers and leaders confused. Certain aspects of any particular person can be referred to as "capable." The most capable people in the normal sense of their own officers, they are not good for someone doing things, often have the tendency of individual heroism, they often highlight the individual for fun, not for Tuandui collaboration, not interested. The basic task of management is to do good for others dry. Manager's ability is not reflected in that he would do, but also at how he can effectively do you let people know things. The role of leadership is reflected in the spirit of how to use a different cultural background and different professional standards, the staff together different personality, personal development of staff with the development of enterprise unified together, the companies look for employees with the intrinsic value of employee orientation, and thereby allow employees to contribute their wisdom to the enterprise all. These three types of people are useful for business people. The daily operation of enterprises in order to complete the task that requires all capable to; to allow effective operation, enterprises need to establish a scientific management system and efficient business processes, development of scientific performance management and incentive mechanism, requiring managers ; but only the system is not enough, but also spiritual, but also need a healthy corporate culture and rooted in this culture of the team, so that staff can play to the extreme, so they need a leader.

In today's environment, the general manager should be the characteristics of both managers and leaders of people. General manager for the system should not only be building for the enterprise, but also should be Wenhua building enterprise; 涓嶄粎 to be completed on quality, cost, revenue, markets and other aspects, "fixed target", but should also complete the team building, Renyuanpeiyang so soft Ren Wu. General Manager of the success of an enterprise should be "indispensable" and general manager, general manager without success is the general manager of enterprise can not leave even for a moment. Only through to reach this level of management will have the capacity for sustained development, will be in technology, equipment and products other than access to other core competencies. The company's general manager of Dahua has only a primary level of capable managers. Different from the general genius, he has some management skills, be able to proceed with the establishment of rules and regulations. As for how to give full play to the role of rules and regulations, how to set up the team, how to cultivate talent, his ability and vision to become some not enough. However, he not aware of this. Instead, he makes the characteristics of managers capable plus anything else he is to behave self-confidence, even in matters outside his expertise he is also very difficult to listen to the views of others; and the people show a general conversation were higher with low attitude. His mentality, making the company unable to retain talent.

Of course, "capable mill map" Overseas companies now are not causing the problem facing the only reason. The same effect on Mr. Wright to improve the internal management efforts were "relationship universal map." Hua and domestic car manufacturers in the majority of senior management to establish a good relationship. These relationships help him smoothly into the major car manufacturers to obtain a larger share of supply. This creates a "relationship universal map." When the company's product quality Dahua some quality defects, the "genius factory system map" to tell Mr. Wright that his administration has been under current conditions there is no room for improvement (because of his general manager is a big hotshots) Therefore, by strengthening internal management to improve the quality, not much hope. In the meantime, "Universal relationship map" has told him, you can hide some of their products through relationships defects, so they do not report the customer's quality is reflected. Thus, Mr. Wright on a massive public relations campaign, like in order to reduce customer complaints.

Success Xiao He, Xiao He also defeated. "Homo habilis mill plans" and "Universal relationship map" to UOB brings yesterday's brilliant, but it fell into its present predicament. Mode of operation of enterprises in the past the more successful, more likely to become in the new environment obstacles to the further development of enterprises. Overseas companies are caught in the storm it past success patterns.

Get rid of the old almanac, a new mental map

Overseas companies rely on successful models in the past, and today has been largely ineffective. Therefore, to get rid of the plight of today, companies must give up these Dahua the old model, according to the new realities in accordance with the new ideas and establish a new mental map (way of thinking and behavior) to guide the operation today.

First, Mr. Wright and Mr. Yu have to change their ideas. They should realize that "genius mill map" of the limitations, recognizing that when the company developed to a certain scale, the leading enterprise forward is not a personal hero or genius, but the characteristics of both managers and leaders of professional managers people. Mr. Wright also need to get rid of "universal relationship map" of the constraints. He should realize that relationship can help him to enter a market, but a good performance after entering the market does not depend on relations can in return. Because the market is increasingly competitive, each firm will eventually face the fierce market competition. In the face of such a competition, not the slightest false doping, otherwise, will eventually be rejected by the market. He with the good relations between customers and not a substitute for the future of enterprise customers, enterprise customers can not replace the staff member's personal future. Therefore, to resolve customer complaints of the most fundamental and effective way to improve the quality of their products and services.

Second, Tsang should take some measures of human resources. These include 1) the general manager sent to participate in the development of leadership training, it can ask consultants through training Mr. Fang Shiyou leadership development, so he has a capable management qualities to become managers and leaders in both those qualities of professional managers; 2) If the first measure does not work or effective too slow, then we must consider both managers and leaders to employ professional managers qualities to give Yu, assistant to do, or act as general manager (of course, to properly handle the issue of Mr. Yu, spiritually and economically for his contribution to the company and fully confirmed).

Third, Mr. Wright, general manager of the assessment should be changed to the standard. Assessment of the general manager not only to be "fixed target" (such as profits, costs, return on investment, market share, etc.), but also a "soft target" that the development of human culture. Human development includes two aspects. First, the training and coaching of staff through training and coaching to improve the skills of staff; one to help employees improve their ability to adapt to the requirements under the business environment quickly change their way of thinking and behavior, so businesses To get enough resilience to be successful in the rapidly changing competitive environment challenges. As for how to test, general manager of human development in the well or bad, there are many ways, but the most important is to see a) whether to put in their organization, general manager of the internal Biande "optional" rather than Shi Wu big and small must be personally attended to; 2) quality management system, including rules and regulations including the staff really become conscious action. The second indicator also reflects the established management system is reasonable and effective.

Fourth, Dahua company should establish a mechanism for knowledge management. Movement, this is the problem faced by all enterprises, is now so many companies headaches. One hand, it allows businesses to have access to suitable talent the company needs, on the other hand can also be part of the company to lose valuable talent. Therefore, enterprises need to establish a mechanism, through this mechanism, companies can take advantage of the positive effect of personnel mobility, reducing its negative effects. This mechanism is knowledge management. Knowledge can be divided into two categories, one is tacit knowledge, it is a personal insight, experience and skills exist in the minds of individuals, for individuals; the other is explicit knowledge, is of a structured knowledge It exists in the file (including text and graphics), audio, video into, is shared by other people's knowledge, for the company. Knowledge management, is to create a knowledge-sharing within the enterprise environment and atmosphere (including the corresponding performance evaluation and reward system), to encourage employees actively to mind as tacit knowledge can became Pi explicit knowledge sharing across the company for explicit knowledge to promote the development of tacit knowledge. This will create a virtuous circle, each person's own tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge to share with you not only enrich the company's explicit knowledge, access to the company's rewards, but also can absorb the company's explicit knowledge nutrition, greatly enrich their own tacit knowledge, improve their "gold content." Thanks to constantly enrich and can be shared by all staff of explicit knowledge, the company has become a talent factory, to low-cost, large quantities needed for train company personnel, so as to effectively reduce the mobility of the company of the adverse effects.

How to create effective knowledge management mechanism is the important work of managing the content, therefore, Tsang, knowledge management should also be included in the assessment of the general manager to go into.

Fifth, the company should re-ranking of Dahua own quality management system. In the past, Overseas companies quality system certification as a quick sign. Therefore, the established quality management system is only on paper files, not the actual operation of business processes, more than conscious action of the staff, so the issue of quality again and again continue. Re-ranking of quality management system, to solve three problems. First, according to the actual situation of the company to develop practical operating procedures; Secondly, the establishment of new processes at the appropriate performance appraisal system and reward and punishment system; third, staff training, so that they truly understand the significance of the new processes to help implementation of new processes them the skills necessary. Overseas companies in changing the current status of quality system exists in name only, in terms of these three aspects are essential. No practical operating procedures, quality system will naturally not be useful; no assessment incentives, even the best processes will not be implemented; staff lack the necessary skills, good flow was also executed.鍙湁鍋氬ソ浜嗚繖涓夋柟闈㈢殑宸ヤ綔锛屽ぇ鍗庡叕鍙哥殑鏁翠綋渚涜揣璐ㄩ噺鎵嶆湁鍙兘鎻愰珮锛屽鎴风殑鎶辨?鎵嶆湁鍙兘闄嶄綆銆?br />





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Chen Zhou reflect years of business success: The greatest scar has not come yet

Oak Pacific CEO Chen Yizhou reflect recent business history over the past decade, said that although he had, and Yang Ning, Zhou Yunfan together to create ChinaRen time "almost burned the money," but he did not care for these setbacks, "I guess the biggest scars in my life has not come yet. "

Chen is in a recent interview with a media interview to make the above remarks. Early in November, he accepted an interview Tencent Technology, also said he had also committed an error of blind expansion, but this will not affect his enthusiasm for the venture.

Geeks advocate the spirit, so as not to lose again

Chen Zhou, created in 1999, the Chinese student community website ChinaRen. A year later, the site was forced to sell due to financial pressure on Sohu. After 2002, Chen Zhou once again start to form Oak Pacific Interactive Group. Business in the course of the past decade, Chen Zhou repeated standing industry peak, has also repeatedly encountered trouble and the cause of the rough life.

However, Chen Zhou these success or failure does not take that to heart: "I guess my life's scars have not come yet." He also said that the first business of the failure to his lesson is: never Do not be too aggressive and to be conservative .

Chen Zhou said about the sharing of business experience, he had suffered major setbacks because of the nature do not understand something, "Every time we lose, because we did not find out where the objective law."

To this end, Oak Pacific Interactive has formed an internal advocate "Geeks spirit" atmosphere. Chen Zhou explained that most customers is to delve into the spirit of objective laws, even without a bath, do not change clothes, do not sleep state.

Very hard for all networks is also successfully renamed

Chen Zhou also reviewed the history of all network changed its name three months. In his view, changed its name from the school network to all networks very difficult process, "all from scratch", but the results still look very successful.

This year in August, 1000 Rubber Group announced that the "internal network" was renamed "all network", the domain name from the original also turned

Chen Zhou explained that all networks are added every day the number of people a lot, probably hundreds of thousands. At the same time as the development of mobile Internet, all network access to mobile Internet is also a great breakthrough for the domestic landing of number second only to Tencent.

"We changed from the campus network to all networks, in fact, to grow, every change is a growth, which allows our customers well accepted," said Chen Zhou, change is definitely not a bad thing.

Chen Zhou, described the final blueprint for all future net: "to serve all of China's Internet users, specifically, for each Internet user who has a personal network account, log every day, from the beginning every day, spend 15 minutes contact with their friends, spend 15 minutes to see friends or a third party to share the interesting things. "

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FLASH5 "flash"-type technology 18 (9)

11 Type: Concerted Okawa - output RA, GIF, AVI or MOV format tips

FLASH5 added to the output of the Realplayer file format and full support for their works in online publishing, from the addition of a choice, really amazing. Some enthusiasts like to use FLASH create GIF animations, or other use, be converted to AVI or MOV format. But sometimes found that many animation information is lost for no reason, reason, FLASH animation, application of the Movie clip. Say this is not a precise technique, but often confused a number of beginners. Fundamental solution to one of the animation do not use Movie clip. Of course, you also do not expect to generate a GIF, AVI or MOV SWF file animations to support the interaction of the.
I often use FLASH AVI format for the disc plane animation, sounds a bit ridiculous, but very effective. Because there is no file size of the control, arbitrary use of frame by frame animation, you can use the best quality output animation. Output avi format, attention that comes with windows to use compression (such as Microsoft Video1, etc.).

12 Type: Kanglongyouhui - bitmap and vector of a simplified vector

Vector capacity is small, amplification, without distortion, the application of the FLASH has unparalleled advantages. There are many software can convert bitmap vector, but in fact FLASH4 have provided to convert bitmap bit vector approach is simple and effective. Press Ctr + R be converted into a bitmap, select the menu Modify-Trace Bitmap.
In the popup dialog box, set the Minimum Area Color and the more low, add the latter two the more closely located, the more corners (that is, the more partial pull-down menu in front of the option), get the graphic files will be larger conversion from the more detailed the picture.

Complex vector for the node can be broken up first bitmap (Ctr + B), and then press Ctr + Alt + Shift + C keys to optimize the image can be greatly reduced capacity. Figure:

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Photoshop instance of improved: Magic Effects Production Record

銆??鍒朵綔璇存槑锛氭兂鍋氱殑鏄釜绫讳技铚曞彉鐨勫3鎴栬?铔逛竴鏍风殑鐗╀綋锛屼絾鍙堜笉鎯冲お鍛嗘澘鐨勫舰鐘跺拰棰滆壊銆?Therefore, the effects were more transparent, increasing the feeling of some vapor and light perception, it appears to be in all the time is changing, and not a shell placed there. The final results are still many areas of improvement, only a brief description of the background a bit. This slowly and then described below.

Many people are reflected in the previous tutorial, how to do all I feel like the effect, in fact I do not advocate completely shining like the article, because there is no very strict procedure, I suggest you explore their own methods, and detailed implementation steps need people to explore their own, as long as the results are almost on the line. The most important is to understand some of the consequences of the practice, which can then be flexibly applied to other places. The author details as far as possible a number of steps that, together with some operations in the picture, the best this we Nengkanmingbai.

This began to spray it, because more steps, suggest that you bring toilet Shanghao backs with which to step back forget to do it ... ...

I want to see clearly, with a dark background behind shop, as long as no black on the line, preferably color, this can have room for some light play.

Finalized renderings

First, draw a desired shape, the shape is arbitrary. Looks like you want as long as the effect on the line. This step is to use the path to be. To facilitate future changes. Whenever the path of the filling should be filled better than the constituency. The author of this current shape is modified from the oval.

Look at the path around

銆??鐒跺悗灏嗗垰鐢诲ソ鐨勯儴鍒嗗鍒朵竴灞傦紝濉厖鎴愰粦鑹诧紝鍐嶅皢瀹冨悎骞跺埌涓?釜绌哄眰涓? Remove the path attribute, to facilitate the transition with a rubber tool erase the shadow. The purpose of this step is just to complete the general to describe the shape out, color tutorials have said before, the performance of shadow and just an important means of three-dimensional objects. Somewhat similar to the sketch of "the tone."

Struck a rough part of the reserved areas of light that can not shine.

17% to adjust the transparency of the shadow of a more natural number. Can see that the sphere can be seen to this time a little.

Do this step once, but this time to retain part of the shadow under the semicircle, as the shadow of the lower half sphere will be more deeply, to move a few pixels, showing a white edge. This will help describe the three-dimensional.


銆??鐒跺悗鎻忕粯涓?簺鐗╀綋琛ㄩ潰鐨勮蛋鍚戯紝灏嗗垰鎵嶇殑璺緞澶嶅埗涓?釜锛岀劧鍚庡彧瑕佷慨鏀瑰乏杈瑰拰涓婅竟涓や釜鑺傜偣鐨勬帶鍒舵焺闀垮害锛屽氨鍙互鍋氬埌杩欎釜褰㈢姸銆?br />

This is filled with black.

And the same way as before, with the eraser part of a shadow. You can see the effect of bump will appear.


銆??鐜板湪鐢ㄨ矾寰勭敾鍑轰竴涓唴閮ㄧ殑鏍稿績銆?The following is probably the path.

銆??娉ㄦ剰杩欎釜褰㈢姸闇?涓?釜鍥惧眰鏁堟灉锛屽悓鏃?9%鐨勫師鑹查?鏄庡害锛屾柟娉曚笂娆′篃璇磋繃銆?In the Layers panel, this section will only affect the path of the color, the depth will not affect the results.

At the same time an inner glow settings shown to increase

After the above steps, once again copied one of the most bottom path, reducing the overall point, adjust the path shown, it felt included, while a little thickness to the periphery.

The following step is to describe the shape object center, all through the layer effect to complete, step more. You had better look more closely at the final results, pay attention to set the parameters. Then try to adjust themselves.


銆??鍚屾牱鐨勶紝17%鍘熻壊閫忔槑锛宨nner glow鏁堟灉锛岃缃細

The effect of this step:

Then add a pattern overlay, set the figure:

Results shown in Figure:

銆??鍐嶅姞鍏ヤ竴涓狦radient overlay锛屽鍔犱竴涓繃娓★紝璁╃敾闈㈢湅璧锋潵涓嶄細閭d箞骞炽? Covered with a white top, the other transparent. This step may need to try all their own, because the color of the initial location of the transition and the transition color is different. I figure the specific settings:

Current results:

Finally, add a Color overlay, because the present looks bright color is not enough. The setting is as follow:

The final results. To this step, the effect of this layer is completed. You had better take note at this time covered by the order of layers, which in the what next. Some of the above should be covered by a transparent reflect the following elements. Need to carefully control the way the current look.


Well, let's you to continue the trial. Here I feel the need of a flare, as found in the right part of the lack of a description of some light. Then fill a white constituency

Then add a Gaussian Blur, counselor to adjust to the next map like this. Not too much. Then again a little wiped with a rubber, a trim.

Painted with a high-light the path part. Almost on the line shape, the shape of the main theme is to go along.

銆??17%鍏冭壊閫忔槑锛宨nner glow鏁堟灉锛岄兘鍜屼笂闈竴鏍枫? Setting map:

Then draw another:

Ah ~ there is one, these same settings. Shape is arbitrary, we thinks is like, and feel nice shape. Anyway, is to make sense of things inside.

Also use the bottom path, and copy the layer, and then specify a color, see next renderings to note here, and then think about his position in the layer.

And the same way as before, create a new blank layer and merge him, then do not use an eraser to the area:


銆??鎸囧畾涓?釜灞傚彔鏁堟灉Color Burn锛岃繖鏍峰彲浠ヨ鍚庨潰鐨勯槾褰辩湅璧锋潵涓嶆槸鍏ㄧ伆鑹茬殑锛屽洜涓虹瑪鑰呴渶瑕佷粬浠拰褰撳墠鐨勯鑹插懠搴旇捣鏉ャ?

This time need to look at the overall picture, I feel where you want to add some color to. The author at this time for the two parts of the constituency on the screen to add a little color. Results shown in Figure. This step is to see everyone's feeling, is not necessary.

Currently the subject of some basic drawing has completed. Effect diagram below. Need to sort out the relationship between layers. Will be described later in other parts of the element. The best current summary of what all the layers. Avoid too much confusion layer.

Now ready for the white silk line, the path is drawn, like directly, and to echo the needs and shape up, keep only the effect of fully transparent colors, effects, and the same as just before the inner glow on the line.

Copy layer is still out, because this path can be reused later. Then create a new layer, merge it and the path layer, in addition to do not with the eraser part, it looks soft number.

銆??閲嶅涓婇潰鐨勬楠わ紝鐢诲嚭鍙︿竴涓? This section of the form is arbitrary. Just look nice on the line.

Do a:

The combined effect of three:

Now do the refraction of light effect. Copy the whole layer of the body, will it be stretched to almost the reflection of the position:

Adjust the cascading effect of overlay:


銆??鐢ㄦ鐨摝鍘讳竴閮ㄥ垎锛?br />

Doing about Gaussian Blur, looks comfortable on the trip.

銆??澶嶅埗涓?釜锛屽啀鎿︽摝锛?br />

I think that should be followed and a glossy section, where:

Filled blue, and then Gaussian Blur, choose cascading effect Overlay:

銆??濂藉暒锛岀洰鍓嶆渶鍚庝慨璇曚竴涓嬶紝绗旇?鍦ㄨ繖閲屽~鍔犱竴涓槾褰憋紝涓?釜鍏夋檿锛?br />

Final results:


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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Produced using Flash MX components Quiz

Not good at programming for the subject teachers, the use of Flash MX components provided, without complex programming, you can easily create a strong interactive courseware. This paper presents a Quiz Flash MX components production methods, and to share.

The courseware just to hint, and only part of the design of the test questions. Run effect is: There are several multiple-choice questions on each page, finished the first page, it can flip to the second page of the issue to continue to do, and finally, click the "test" button, there may be test feedback.

Production process:

Importation of questions

1, start Flash MX, double-click "Layer 1" name, and renamed the "questions" and then select the Text tool (A), type the questions in the work area contents. Enter the results shown in Figure 1.

2, the second frame in the Timeline, insert a blank keyframe, select the Text tool is still (A), in the work area and then enter the second page of the contents of examination papers. (In this case a total of three items).

Second, production options

3, the first frame selected, choose "Window / Components" or CTRL + F7 to open the window components. Select "RadioButton" component onto the scene, and change its properties: the Lable Set A, GroupName set question1, the rest choose the default option. The first problem with the law may make the other three options, just Lable were set to "B", "C", "D"; GroupName is set to question1.

4, with step 3, can make the second question, the third title of the option. Only the second title in the options GroupName to question2; the third title in the options GroupName to question3.

5, select the second frame, drag the window from the component "Push Button" button to the scene of the appropriate location. And change its properties: the Lable set to "test"; Click Hander set to "nclick", "instance name" set to "jc" the rest choose the default choices.

Third, making navigation buttons

6, select "Window / Public Library / button" button to open the public library, click the "circle button", the "circle button-next" button in the first frame onto the appropriate location. The "circle button-previous", "circle button-stop" button onto the appropriate place in the second frame.

7, in scene selection "circle button-previous" button, then select "Window / action" command, open the Action dialog box, set the button action, behavior code:

on (release) (gotoAndPlay (1))

8, with step 6, can be set to "circle button-stop" button on the action, their behavior code:
on (release) (fscommand ("quit ");}; first frame of the" circle button-next "button in the behavior of code: on (release) (gotoAndPlay (2)).

9, select "Test" the first frame layer, then select "Window / action" command, open the Action dialog box, set the frame for action, behavior code: stop (), as the second frame code of conduct also stop ().

4, show the results produced

10, selected "problem" the second frame layer, select the Text tool (A), at the scene pulled out a text box. And change its properties: the type is set to "dynamic text", the instance name to "result". Mainly used for the text box to display the final result.

5, increase the action layer

11, insert a new layer and name it "actions" and then select "Actions" layer first frame, then select "Window / action" command, open the Action dialog box, the frame for action set, conduct code:

/ / Set:
right = 0 / / number of items answered correctly with the right record,
score = 0 / / score recording the final score
wrong = 0 / / wrong number of records got the wrong answer question,
n = 5 / / n points for each question
/ / On the "test" button with a function set.
function nclick () (/ / when click the test button, the action
/ / The third question right or wrong to judge the situation
result3 = _root.question3.getValue (); / / get the results of your choice
if (result3 == "C") (/ / set to C for the correct answer
right = right +1
if (result3 == "A" | | result3 == "B" | | result3 == "D") (/ / set to A, B, D for the wrong answers
wrong = wrong +1
/ / Score feedback
score = right * n
result.text = "you do on the" + right + "title;" + "wrong" + wrong + "title;" + "He got" + score + " points "
jc.setEnabled (false); / / to "test" button failure

12, above 11 steps, not on the first frame of the two questions to judge, because in FLASH, when the frame jump, the components of value is not memory, so for the first two frames on the theme judge, with the first frame of the "circle button-next" navigation button to complete.

6, change the button action

13, select the "problem" in the first frame layer "circle button-next" button, then select "Window / action" command, open the Action dialog box, the code of conduct to increase to:

on (release) (/ / click on the button when the action
/ / Determine the first question right or wrong situation
result1 = _root.question1.getValue ();
if (result1 == "B") (/ / set the right answer the first question for the B
right = right +1
if (result1 == "A" | | result1 == "C" | | result1 == "D") (/ / set an error the first question the answer to A, C, D
wrong = wrong +1
/ / Determine the second question right or wrong situation
result2 = _root.question2.getValue ();
if (result2 == "A") (/ / set the correct answer to the second question A
right = right +1
if (result2 == "B" | | result2 == "C" | | result2 == "D") (/ / set the wrong answer to the second question B, C, D
wrong = wrong +1
gotoAndPlay (2); / / Click the jump to the second time

7, view results

14, select "Control / Test Movie" command, to see the effect.

15, and finally through the "file / release" command can be issued for the executable file.

8, in particular on


2, the action set in motion in the layer jc.setEnabled (false) statement is: When you press the test button to test button and loss of function, to avoid duplication of points.

3, testing is complete, to return to the home page, re-start the test, then re-score.


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