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General manager is not alone a hero

Brilliant performance brought distress

Mr. Wright is a very successful farmers for the entrepreneurs. Overseas company he created 20 years ago by 2,000 Yuan, and become the first batch of reform and opening up a car parts manufacturer, in 2002 the output value and total assets in excess of 100 million yuan. He concluded that to today, his business gone through three stages of development. Initially, he was a man not only the Lord has the outside, what a person by his pipe. Later, business development, and to support the development of his family members to participate in the tomb of Fu anchor firm foundation 5 顐?Yan Xu Yi Gui pull 顑?message after which Amaranthus trembling slightly spacious armed alfalfa 顑?闅?Xing Yi Gui little coin test tour roundworm complain Fu Xi mound to find di 鈷?sodium enterprises lazy groove playing 顑?顛?顎?R flea pod Xu Yi Yi shrink from Amaranthus brew approach of taking strike Shu Huan River Bank Na 9唯 scorpion playing 顑?顎?Wang 顚?U shrimp Macrobrachium Dang admonished the industry shortage of Amaranthus playing 顑?Huang Jie Wang 顙?cochlear Wang S Worm? 0 to age, who studied mechanical engineering. There in the state-owned enterprises and foreign enterprises as middle-level leadership positions in work experience. According to people who are familiar with Mr. Yu, he is very capable, can quickly grasp the nature of the matter and propose solutions. He is very confident, on any view of things has its own unique and very eloquent, and of what can come out of a round after round. He was very decisive and subordinates Yueyibuer. Mr. Wright Mr. Ren Mingyou as general manager, responsible for daily operations within the company; its chairman, director of market development and customer relations. Mr. Yu later as general manager, with his resolute and skilful, and soon the incompetent members of the family away from management positions, proper arrangements for the management of the company to a new level.

Overseas companies located in more remote towns, the local shortage of human resources. In addition to local economic development, many enterprises lack of personnel issues become more prominent. To support the work of Mr. Yu, Tsang Trustee enlist only one around. However, these people do not stay in there long. Good performance in other local people, where are reflected in the poor, Mr. Yu, the same people go after leaving Dahua Company to other companies, new companies are well received. Therefore, 5 years later, there was a United Overseas companies fault, the above is the general manager, following the grass-roots workers, no middle management. Internal operational problems, technical issues, quality issues resolved personally by Mr. Yu. The result is a long-term do not increase product quality, the quality of repeated warnings by the customer, quality system exists in name only.

Customers, suppliers and many friends who are familiar with the situation that Mr. Wright, general manager should be replaced. But he did not think so. In his view, Mr. Yu is the potential energy of people, business is not the current situation because of his ability, but lack of talent in society. Therefore, Dahua company's current management issues in the current social environment there is no solution to the problems. In order for the company off the hook, Mr. Wright stepped up public relations efforts, enterprise customers want the same good relations with the staff to shut their mouths, thereby reducing customer complaints.

Clearly, Mr. Wright entered a misunderstanding. So, what is it for Mr. Wright walked into the wrong area then? How can we help him correct the errors, so that his business out of the current situation?

Success Xiao He, Xiao He also lost

Mr. Wright is a very capable person. With his personal capacity, austerity and hard work, he succeeded. Thus, in his mind of such a belief is formed: as long as the company found a capable person can do a good job (we control this concept is called "hotshots mill plans"). Mr. Wright's public relations is particularly high, relying on his ability to research, market development, he gained great success. In this way, he again another belief: as long as the money spent to good relations with the staff, then all things are easy to handle, the quality can be almost no problem (we control this concept called "universal relationship map" ). Over the years, this two guided the behavior of Mr. Wright's business.

When the company's business development to his personal possession, but come, "capable mill map" should be to find capable people to tell him to help him control. He not only managed to go around looking for a capable, but also went around looking for technical genius. However, the "genius factory system map" when the company is small, is useful: the micromanager could come from a capable buttoned up and done very beautiful. However, when the company developed to a certain scale, the "genius factory system map" was not useful. The reason is simple, personal time and energy is limited, not enough of a capable, need a lot of capable people. However, without proper organization and leadership, may appear more than capable with internal friction.

"Homo habilis mill plan" a major misunderstanding is to Homo habilis, managers and leaders confused. Certain aspects of any particular person can be referred to as "capable." The most capable people in the normal sense of their own officers, they are not good for someone doing things, often have the tendency of individual heroism, they often highlight the individual for fun, not for Tuandui collaboration, not interested. The basic task of management is to do good for others dry. Manager's ability is not reflected in that he would do, but also at how he can effectively do you let people know things. The role of leadership is reflected in the spirit of how to use a different cultural background and different professional standards, the staff together different personality, personal development of staff with the development of enterprise unified together, the companies look for employees with the intrinsic value of employee orientation, and thereby allow employees to contribute their wisdom to the enterprise all. These three types of people are useful for business people. The daily operation of enterprises in order to complete the task that requires all capable to; to allow effective operation, enterprises need to establish a scientific management system and efficient business processes, development of scientific performance management and incentive mechanism, requiring managers ; but only the system is not enough, but also spiritual, but also need a healthy corporate culture and rooted in this culture of the team, so that staff can play to the extreme, so they need a leader.

In today's environment, the general manager should be the characteristics of both managers and leaders of people. General manager for the system should not only be building for the enterprise, but also should be Wenhua building enterprise; 涓嶄粎 to be completed on quality, cost, revenue, markets and other aspects, "fixed target", but should also complete the team building, Renyuanpeiyang so soft Ren Wu. General Manager of the success of an enterprise should be "indispensable" and general manager, general manager without success is the general manager of enterprise can not leave even for a moment. Only through to reach this level of management will have the capacity for sustained development, will be in technology, equipment and products other than access to other core competencies. The company's general manager of Dahua has only a primary level of capable managers. Different from the general genius, he has some management skills, be able to proceed with the establishment of rules and regulations. As for how to give full play to the role of rules and regulations, how to set up the team, how to cultivate talent, his ability and vision to become some not enough. However, he not aware of this. Instead, he makes the characteristics of managers capable plus anything else he is to behave self-confidence, even in matters outside his expertise he is also very difficult to listen to the views of others; and the people show a general conversation were higher with low attitude. His mentality, making the company unable to retain talent.

Of course, "capable mill map" Overseas companies now are not causing the problem facing the only reason. The same effect on Mr. Wright to improve the internal management efforts were "relationship universal map." Hua and domestic car manufacturers in the majority of senior management to establish a good relationship. These relationships help him smoothly into the major car manufacturers to obtain a larger share of supply. This creates a "relationship universal map." When the company's product quality Dahua some quality defects, the "genius factory system map" to tell Mr. Wright that his administration has been under current conditions there is no room for improvement (because of his general manager is a big hotshots) Therefore, by strengthening internal management to improve the quality, not much hope. In the meantime, "Universal relationship map" has told him, you can hide some of their products through relationships defects, so they do not report the customer's quality is reflected. Thus, Mr. Wright on a massive public relations campaign, like in order to reduce customer complaints.

Success Xiao He, Xiao He also defeated. "Homo habilis mill plans" and "Universal relationship map" to UOB brings yesterday's brilliant, but it fell into its present predicament. Mode of operation of enterprises in the past the more successful, more likely to become in the new environment obstacles to the further development of enterprises. Overseas companies are caught in the storm it past success patterns.

Get rid of the old almanac, a new mental map

Overseas companies rely on successful models in the past, and today has been largely ineffective. Therefore, to get rid of the plight of today, companies must give up these Dahua the old model, according to the new realities in accordance with the new ideas and establish a new mental map (way of thinking and behavior) to guide the operation today.

First, Mr. Wright and Mr. Yu have to change their ideas. They should realize that "genius mill map" of the limitations, recognizing that when the company developed to a certain scale, the leading enterprise forward is not a personal hero or genius, but the characteristics of both managers and leaders of professional managers people. Mr. Wright also need to get rid of "universal relationship map" of the constraints. He should realize that relationship can help him to enter a market, but a good performance after entering the market does not depend on relations can in return. Because the market is increasingly competitive, each firm will eventually face the fierce market competition. In the face of such a competition, not the slightest false doping, otherwise, will eventually be rejected by the market. He with the good relations between customers and not a substitute for the future of enterprise customers, enterprise customers can not replace the staff member's personal future. Therefore, to resolve customer complaints of the most fundamental and effective way to improve the quality of their products and services.

Second, Tsang should take some measures of human resources. These include 1) the general manager sent to participate in the development of leadership training, it can ask consultants through training Mr. Fang Shiyou leadership development, so he has a capable management qualities to become managers and leaders in both those qualities of professional managers; 2) If the first measure does not work or effective too slow, then we must consider both managers and leaders to employ professional managers qualities to give Yu, assistant to do, or act as general manager (of course, to properly handle the issue of Mr. Yu, spiritually and economically for his contribution to the company and fully confirmed).

Third, Mr. Wright, general manager of the assessment should be changed to the standard. Assessment of the general manager not only to be "fixed target" (such as profits, costs, return on investment, market share, etc.), but also a "soft target" that the development of human culture. Human development includes two aspects. First, the training and coaching of staff through training and coaching to improve the skills of staff; one to help employees improve their ability to adapt to the requirements under the business environment quickly change their way of thinking and behavior, so businesses To get enough resilience to be successful in the rapidly changing competitive environment challenges. As for how to test, general manager of human development in the well or bad, there are many ways, but the most important is to see a) whether to put in their organization, general manager of the internal Biande "optional" rather than Shi Wu big and small must be personally attended to; 2) quality management system, including rules and regulations including the staff really become conscious action. The second indicator also reflects the established management system is reasonable and effective.

Fourth, Dahua company should establish a mechanism for knowledge management. Movement, this is the problem faced by all enterprises, is now so many companies headaches. One hand, it allows businesses to have access to suitable talent the company needs, on the other hand can also be part of the company to lose valuable talent. Therefore, enterprises need to establish a mechanism, through this mechanism, companies can take advantage of the positive effect of personnel mobility, reducing its negative effects. This mechanism is knowledge management. Knowledge can be divided into two categories, one is tacit knowledge, it is a personal insight, experience and skills exist in the minds of individuals, for individuals; the other is explicit knowledge, is of a structured knowledge It exists in the file (including text and graphics), audio, video into, is shared by other people's knowledge, for the company. Knowledge management, is to create a knowledge-sharing within the enterprise environment and atmosphere (including the corresponding performance evaluation and reward system), to encourage employees actively to mind as tacit knowledge can became Pi explicit knowledge sharing across the company for explicit knowledge to promote the development of tacit knowledge. This will create a virtuous circle, each person's own tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge to share with you not only enrich the company's explicit knowledge, access to the company's rewards, but also can absorb the company's explicit knowledge nutrition, greatly enrich their own tacit knowledge, improve their "gold content." Thanks to constantly enrich and can be shared by all staff of explicit knowledge, the company has become a talent factory, to low-cost, large quantities needed for train company personnel, so as to effectively reduce the mobility of the company of the adverse effects.

How to create effective knowledge management mechanism is the important work of managing the content, therefore, Tsang, knowledge management should also be included in the assessment of the general manager to go into.

Fifth, the company should re-ranking of Dahua own quality management system. In the past, Overseas companies quality system certification as a quick sign. Therefore, the established quality management system is only on paper files, not the actual operation of business processes, more than conscious action of the staff, so the issue of quality again and again continue. Re-ranking of quality management system, to solve three problems. First, according to the actual situation of the company to develop practical operating procedures; Secondly, the establishment of new processes at the appropriate performance appraisal system and reward and punishment system; third, staff training, so that they truly understand the significance of the new processes to help implementation of new processes them the skills necessary. Overseas companies in changing the current status of quality system exists in name only, in terms of these three aspects are essential. No practical operating procedures, quality system will naturally not be useful; no assessment incentives, even the best processes will not be implemented; staff lack the necessary skills, good flow was also executed.鍙湁鍋氬ソ浜嗚繖涓夋柟闈㈢殑宸ヤ綔锛屽ぇ鍗庡叕鍙哥殑鏁翠綋渚涜揣璐ㄩ噺鎵嶆湁鍙兘鎻愰珮锛屽鎴风殑鎶辨?鎵嶆湁鍙兘闄嶄綆銆?br />





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